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Running tinyca2 via a link

I recently downloaded and installed (re: uncompressed) tinyca2. I plan on using it to aid in creating PKI certificates and blah blah blah. That part really isn't the point.

tinyca2 launches via a Perl script. Within the Perl script, there are two locations that need to be modified if you want to make a link to the executable (to add it to the $PATH, for example). By the way, this is mentioned in step 2 of the INSTALL file.

On line 21, change

BEGIN { unshift(@INC, './lib'); }

to point to where tinyca2 is actually installed:

BEGIN { unshift(@INC, '/home/skawaii/apps/tinyca2-0.7.5/lib'); }

Similarly, change line 80 from

$init->{'templatedir'} = "./templates";


$init->{'templatedir'} = "/home/skawaii/apps/tinyca2-0.7.5/templates";

After that, assuming your link is in a directory already on your $PATH, you can launch tinyca2 from anywhere.

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