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Trac Email Notifications via sendmail on Hostmonster

While setting up Trac's email notification module to use sendmail, I kept seeing an error in my server's log. Something along the lines of "sendmail: no recipient specified...". That was confusing since I was pretty sure I set a recipient (or rather, I was trusting that Trac was).

After having the bright idea to turn Trac's logging feature on, I got a friendly message while creating a new ticket. The message informed me that I can't use a fake email address (I was attempting to use trac@mydomain.com). That makes sense if you stop to think about it. Hosting companies, such as Hostmonster, don't want you using their servers to spam the world. Allowing the use of a fake email address would allow the very sort of spamming to take place.

So, easy solution: use a real email address; or, in my case, make the fake email address real by creating it in CPanel.

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